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Congratulations to the Leonardtown Elementary School Robotics Teams that competed at CSM on April 7, 2018. Students worked really hard from November until the competition in April. The competition had 33 teams, 3 of which represented Leonardtown Elementary School. The LES Robotics Teams placed in 5th, 10th, and 12th. A special thanks to Mrs. Grimes for her amazing work with the Robotics Team!


5th Place - Robotics Legends 2.0

Featured in the photo are team members Evan Roser, Brayden Sambrook, Logan Halterman, and Zachary Cranford.

The team coaches are Ms. Tiptop and Mr. Halterman.

Robotics Team students win 5th place in competition


10th Place - Savage Builders

Featured in the photo are team members Cadence Hall, Alexandria Rodriguez, McKenzie Ruffin, Kameron Milligan, Dai'Andre Eberhardt, Braden Connolly, and Kaylee Hall.

The team coaches are Mrs. Praktish and Mr. Medina.

Robotics Team Savage Builders 041118 rev01


12th Place - Underdogs HD

Featured in the photo are team members Cooper Ferris, Nathan Loustaunau, John Praktish, and Evan Nelson.

The team coaches are Mrs. Nelson and Mr. Ferris.

Robotics Team students win 12th place in competition