Clubs, Events, and Programs at Leonardtown

 One Lunch Clubs list

A Art Honor Society
Mr. Tusing

Art Club
Mr. Fulp

 Art/Skills Service Club
Ms. Naber-Thomas
B Band
Mr. Martin
Baseball Team Meeting 
Mr. Schoenbauer

Bella Voce Ms. Oosterink

   Book Club
Ms. Bridges
Breakfast Club
Mr. Mathany
C Chamber Orchestra
Mr. Oplinger
Chinese Club
Ms. Zhang
Ms. Oosterink
 Concert Band
Mr. Martin
Car Club
Mr. Guffey
Coloring Book Club
Ms. Brice
Comic Book/Otaku Club
Mr. Rixham
Computer Club
Ms. Finn & Ms. Loffler
Class of 2018 
Mr.& Mrs. Chew
Class of 2019
Ms. Harding
Officers meet wks 1 & 3
Juniors meet wks 2 & 4
Class of 2020
Mr. Adams &
Mrs. Kiernan
Class of 2021

College Access Program
Ms. Ulrich
Computer Bowl
Ms. Loffler
Concert Band
Mr. Martin
 Creative Writing Club
Mr. Leischer & 
Ms. Palmer
D Disc Sport Club
Ms. Honis

Mr. Fulp

F Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Ms. Law

French Club-FLES 
Ms. Tsekouras

 FLOW mentoring: Ladies of Excellence
Ms. Crowder

Film/TV Production
Mr. David
Football Team Film
Mr. Bressler

GIS (Global International Studies)
Ms. Harding

 GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance)
Ms. Conner 
H Habitat for Humanity
Ms. Law & Ms. Russell
Help a Heart Club
Ms. Walsh

Hunting/Fishing Club
Mr. Chew & 
Mr. Henderson

Mr. Tira
I Interact Club
Ms. Crowder
International Thespian Society
Mr. Barbato
J Jazz Band
Mr. Martin
K Key Club 
Mr. Bloch
Knitting Club
Ms. Owen & Ms. Teague
Kahoot Club
Mr. Mickley
Kan Jam Club
Mr. Correll
meets on Mondays during A lunch
L Ladies of Excellence
Ms. Crowder
Latin Club
Ms. Hayes
meets wks
1 & 3


Ms. Oosterink

Leadership Academy
Ms. Healy, Ms. Robbins,
Mr. Schoenbauer
Leo Club
Ms. Law &
Ms. Russell
Lunch Bunch
Ms. Musser & Mr. Bartels
M Marching Band
Mr. Martin

Mock Trial 
Ms. Harding

LHS Mock Trial Site

Model United Nations
Mr. Denny (LHS & SMCPS)
Meditation Club
Ms. Wincelowicz
Ms. John
Movie Club
Ms. Reynolds
N Newspaper (Imprint)
Mr. David & Ms. Hager

NHS (National Honor Society) and Committee Meeting
Ms. Fallon

O Orchestra 
Mr. Oplinger
P Playwriting, Improv, and Musical Theater
Mr. Fogle
 Peer Mediation 

Pit Band
Mr. Martin
Potomac Voices
Ms. Oosterink

Puzzle Club
Ms. Osburn
R Robotics / Electronic Club
Mr. Forrest
ROSE Players
Mr. Barbato
Rugby Club
Mr. Fulp
 Raider Buddies
Ms. Beyer & Ms. Henderson
*club is currently full
S S2S (Student to Student)
Ms. Marino & Ms. Neitz
Sailing Club
Mr. Barbato
SCA (Student Council Association)
Mr. Byrnes
Ski Club
Mr. Denny & Ms. Hager
 Spanish Honor Society and Spanish Club 
Ms. Hidalgo &
Ms. Russell 
Strings Orchestra
Mr. Oplinger
Symphonic Band
Mr. Martin
Sign Language Club
Ms. Wiltshire
SAT Prep
Ms. Walsh

Skool of Rock
Mr. Breslin

Spirit Club
Ms. Kuntz
T Tabletop Games Club
Mr. Leischer
Mr. Barbato & Mr. Tusing
Thespian Society
Mr. Barbato
Ms. Oosterink
(TOP)Tutoring Our Peers/ ROSS
Ms. Russell & Ms. Sanders
Trivia Club
Mr. Schoenbauer
W Wind Ensemble
Mr. Martin
Y Yearbook 
Ms. Page