LHS Offices and Contact Information


Ms. J. Mills Principal  
Ms. R. Cline Assistant Principal - Special Education  
Mr. G. Coombs Assistant Principal - 10th grade  
Mr. J. Copsey Assistant Principal - 11th grade  
Ms. K. Kortokrax Assistant Principal - 9th grade  
Mr. E. Readyhough
Assistant Principal - 12th grade  
Mr. R. Tira Activities Director  
Corporal Delozier School Resource Officer  

Counseling Center

Ms. P. Abell Guidance Secretary
Ms. S. Crowder  Students M - R, Department Chair
Ms. C. Marino Students S - Z 
Ms. L. Neitz Students G - L
Ms. J. Sanders  Students A - C
Mr. R. Wolcott  Students D - F / GIS 
Ms. L. Vallandingham Registrar
Ms. A. Ulrich So Md College Access Program
Ms. A. Beisel School Psychologist
Ms. T. Hazlegrove
Career Center
Ms. A. Gast  Pupil Personnel Worker

Career and Technology Education

Mr. W. Bartels Career/Technology Education, Co-Department Chair       
Ms. M. Finn Career/Technology Education  
Career/Technology Education        
Ms. J. Loffler
Career/Technology Education
Mr. K. McCarthy ISI Coordinator
Career/Technology Education  
Ms. T. Parsons Baby Talk Director & CTE Education
Ms. G. Schrader APEX Coordinator & CTE Education         
Ms. A. Wright Career/Technology Education  
Baby Talk
Ms R. Lake Baby Talk

English Department

Mr. W. Breslin English Department
Ms. K. Bridges English Department, Department Chair Bridges Staff Page
Mr. M. Chew English Department
Mr. A. David  English Department
Ms. D. Humphrey English Department
Ms. A. John English Department

John English 10 CM Resources

Ms. S. Law English Department

Law English 10 CM

Law English 10 PreAP

English Department

Ms. H. Page English Department
Ms. L. Palmer English Department  
Mr. C. Schoenbauer English Department
Ms. K. Tettimer English Department

Fine Arts Department

Mr. S. Fogle Theater Arts

Mr. H. Martin Band Director

Ms. R. Naber-Thomas Visual Arts

Naber-Thomas staff page

Ms. K. Oosterink Chorus Director

Oosterink staff page

Mr. J. Oplinger Orchestra/Theory

Oplinger staff page

Ms. D. Osburn  Visual Arts

Mr. R. Tusing Visual Arts

World Languages Department

Ms J. Downing ESOL

Ms. B. Fallon Spanish  
Ms. M. Hayes Latin, Department Chair

Hayes staff page

Ms. C. Hidalgo Spanish

Ms. K. Kuntz Spanish

Ms. R. Russell Spanish

Ms. V. Tsekouras French

Tsekouras staff page

Dr J. Winans German


Special Education Department

Ms. F. Anitapriya Special Education Department

Ms. E. Beyer Special Education Department

Ms. K. Burton Special Education, Department Chair

Ms. J. Conner Special Education Department

Special Education Department

Ms. M. Kiernan Special Education Department
Ms. J. Mancuso Special Education Department

Mr. J. Mickely Special Education Department  
Ms. J. Roache Special Education Department

Ms. C. Schneier Special Education Department

Ms. A. Snyder Special Education Department

Ms. C. Sullivan Special Education Department  
Ms. J. Truesdell Special Education Department  
Ms. J. Brooks Special Education para-educator

Ms. C. Buckler Special Education para-educator

Ms. V. Collins Special Education para-educator

Ms. T. Edelen-Hecker Special Education para-educator

Ms. A. Snyder Special Education para-educator  
Ms. M. Smith Special Education para-educator

Ms. C. Thompson Special Education para-educator

Ms. L. Thompson Special Education para-educator  
Ms. C. Tizol Special Education para-educator

Ms. A. Whitney Special Education para-educator

Mathematics Department

Ms. D. Brice Mathematics Department

Mathematics Department
Ms. L. Fox Mathematics Department Fox staff page
Ms. D. Glasgow Mathematics Department
Mr. N. Guffey Mathematics Department
Ms. J. Honis Mathematics Department Honis staff page
Ms. K. Reynolds Mathematics Department, Co-chair Reynolds staff page
Mr. S. Snyder Mathematics Department, Co-chair
Ms. J. Thompson Mathematics Department Thompson staff page
Ms. L. Tiderman Mathematics Department Tiderman staff page
Ms. J. Walsh Mathematics Department
Ms. A. Wincelowicz Mathematics Department

Media Specialists

Ms. B. Hager Media Specialist
Ms. P. Haynes
Media Assistant


Ms. D. Ordille Nurse
Ms. M. Walsh Nurse

Physical Education Department

Mr. S. Correll Physical Education
Ms. J. Henderson Physical Education
Mr. W. Raley Physical Education, Department Chair
Ms. C. Robbins Physical Education
Ms. D. Shaw Physical Education  

Science Department

Mr. G. Barbato Science Department Barbato staff page
Mr. Z. Fulp Science Department  
Mr. S. Hailey Science Department  
Ms. L. Healy Science Department  
Ms. J. Laurel Science Department

Laurel staff page 

Mr. C. Mathany Science Department
Science Department
Science Department
Science Department  
Dr. R. Solomon Science Department Solomon staff page
Ms. E. Sunderland Science Department Sunderland staff page
Science Department, Department Chair
Ms. C. Watson Science Department  Watson staff page
Ms. J. Wiltshire Science Department  

Social Studies Department

Mr. Z. Adams Social Studies Department, Department Chair
Mr. K. Basso Social Studies Department
Mr. F. Bloch Social Studies Department
Mr. J. Bressler Social Studies Department  
Mr. B. Byrnes Social Studies Department Byrnes staff page
Ms. M. Chew Social Studies Department
Mr A. Cropper Social Studies Department
Mr. D. Cummins Social Studies Department  
Social Studies Department

Ms. T. Harding Social Studies Department
Mr. B. Henderson Social Studies Department
Ms. M. Lellis Social Studies Department

Ms. D. Shaw Social Studies Department  
Ms. N. Walker Social Studies Department  

LHS Support Staff

Ms. M. Evans Secretary to the Principal  
Ms. C. Morris School Bank Financial assistant  
Mr. B. Myers Attendance Secretary, Main Office
Ms. B. Laney 9th/11th Grade Secretary  
10th/12th Grade Secretary  
Ms. C. Tizol Special Education/Clerical  
Ms. L.  Foianini Front Office Secretary  

 Building Support

Ms. T. Gibson Food Service Manager  
Ms. D. Abell Food Service Worker  
Ms. S. Butler Food Service Worker  
Ms. V. Combs Food Service Worker  
Ms. L. Corbett-Ryce Food Service Worker  
Ms. J. Dorsey Food Service Worker  
Ms. D. Horan Food Service Worker  
Ms. S. Quade Food Service Worker  
Ms. A. Stewart Food Service Worker  
Ms.M.R. Young Food Service Worker  
Ms. J. Vaughn Food Service Worker  
Mr. D. Hancock Building Service Manager  
Mr. P. Armstrong Building Service Worker  
Mr. R. Briscoe Building Service Worker  
Mr. A. Burch Building Service Worker  
Mr. E. Fenwick Building Service Worker  
Mr. M. Gant Building Service Worker  
Ms. A. Lee Building Service Worker  
Mr. CY Medley Building Service Worker  
Mr. D. Preston Building Service Worker  
Mr. C. Rogers Building Service Worker  
Ms. A. Thomas Building Service Worker  

 Safety Assistants

Mr. M. Levy Safety Assistant  
Ms. M. Rickson Safety Assistant  
Ms. A. Young Safety Assistant, Lead  


LHS Offices and Contact Information