Administrative Team 
Ms. Janet S. Fowler Principal
Ms. Sarah Weisner 8th Grade Assistant Principal
Mr. James Peeler 7th Grade Assistant Principal
Ms. Linda Napier 6th Grade Assistant Principal
Ms. Robin G. Kirby Receptionist/Secretary
Ms. Cynthia A. Garrison Secretary to the Principal
Safety and Security
Cpl. Andrew Holton School Resource Officer
Ms. Elizabeth J. Ripple Guidance Counselor
Ms. April L. Roach Records Secretary
Ms. Courtney L. Towne Guidance Counselor
Health Services
Ms. Sue A. Franklin School Nurse
Ms. Kimberly A. Powell LPN--Half time
English/Language Arts
Ms. Suzanna J. Boyd 8th Grade
Ms. Misty Frantz 8th Grade
Ms. Jessica Satterfield 8th Grade
Mr. Edward W. Williams 8th Grade
Ms. Susan Sebastian 7th Grade
Ms. Jody M. Keen
7th Grade
Ms. Samantha C. Starkey 7th Grade
Ms. Catherine Thomas 7th Grade
Ms. Donna D. Allison 6th Grade
Ms. Jaime Connors 6th Grade
Ms. Renee L. Sirk 6th Grade
Ms. Amber Geisz 6th Grade
In School Intervention Facilitator
Mr. William R. Page Teacher
Instructional Resource Teachers
Ms. Crystal L. Brookens Instructional Resource Teacher
Ms. Rebecca Plotner Instructional Resource Teacher
Library Media/Information Technology
Mr. Christian Hess Instructional Tech Support
Ms. Michelle L. Lowe Media Specialist
Mr. Richard L. Guthrie 8th Grade
Mr. Kevin R. Mackall 8th Grade
Ms. Emily Massengil 8th Grade
Ms. Deborah Orgel 8th Grade Class Website
Ms. Stephanie D. Kurtz 7th Grade
Mr. Craig E. Modrzejewski 7th Grade
Ms. Tabitha N. Ringer 7th Grade
Ms. Jennifer E. True 7th Grade
Ms. Crystal L. Selby 6th Grade
Ms. Tanya M. Holmes 6th Grade
Ms. Kelly A. Schmidt 6th Grade 
Ms. Kara E. Sapp 6th Grade
Mr. Kevin Heider 8th Grade
Ms. Diana Johnson 8th Grade
Mr. Philip J. Bell 7th Grade
Mr. Thomas A. Pfister 7th Grade
Mr. Michael J. Gallo 6th Grade
Mr. Lee M. Musolino 6th Grade
Social Studies
Ms. Tammy L. Hart 8th Grade
Ms. Kristin M. Poston 8th Grade
Mr. Sean C. Twigg 7th Grade
Ms. Amy Winters 7th Grade
Ms. Janet A. Pflaum 6th Grade
Ms. Jennifer Shelko 6th Grade
Special Education
Ms. Ashley L. Abell Special Education Teacher
Ms. Ashley Cardamone Special Education Teacher (Autism)
Ms. Jessie Baird Special Education Teacher (SAIL)
Ms. Lisa V. Bradford Learning Adjustment Program Teacher
Ms. Julia W. Davis Special Education Teacher
Ms. Amy S. Day Special Education Teacher
Mr. Michael Newberg Speech/Language Therapist
Ms. Virginia Richards Special Education Teacher
Ms. Lisa A. Longworth School Psychologist
Ms. Alana J. Fabey IEP Chairperson
Ms. Karen L. Poss Special Education Teacher
Ms. Terry A. Re Special Education Teacher
Ms. Stephanie Thom Special Education Teacher
Specials – (Art, Foreign Language,Health, Music, & PE)
Ms. Stacey M. Bodziak Art Teacher
Ms. Anita Burud Art Teacher
Ms. Laly E. Westendorf Foreign Language Teacher
Ms. Jaclyn Chapman Chorus Teacher
Ms. Kathryn LaGamba Strings Teacher
Ms. Nicole M. McCumbee Band Teacher
Mr. Neil R. Kamp Physical Education Teacher
Ms. Kelsey L. Mills Physical Education Teacher
Mr. Jamar Nolan Physical Education Teacher
Support Staff (Instructional)
Patricia Dance ABA Provider
Michael Russell Paraeducator
Support Staff (Building Service)
Mr. James Dorsey Building Service Manager I
Crew Leader
Ms. Arlene M. Greenfield Building Service Worker
Mr. Paul M. Holt Assistant Building Service Manager
Ms. Ann Scriber   Building Service Worker
Mr. William Byrd Building Service Worker
Support Staff (Food Service)
Ms. Ruth Harvey   Food Service Worker
Ms. Catherine N. Hill Food Service Worker
Ms. J. Ruby Lacey Food Service Manager
Ms. Patricia A. Schwartz Food Service Worker
Ms. L. Kathleen Summers Food Service Worker