Library Media Workers:

Media Specialist:  Betsy Hundert

SMCPSSchool Library  Media Program

The mission of the St. Mary’s County Public Schools Library Media Program is to foster development of effective, ethical use of information and ideas, while advocating life-long reading and learning habits  by providing instruction, resources, and services to our students, staff, and community.

Oakville Elementary School Library Program

Students at Oakville visit the Media Center once a week with their class.  Prekindergarteners visit and listen to a story and then select books to take home. 
Students in K-5 visit once a week for a 45 minute class.  We learn library skills and read books and have 10 to 15 minutes to select books at the end of class.  
Students in PreK through 1st grade may select one book to take home.
Students in grades 2-5 may take 2 books home.
Books are considered overdue after they have been out for 1 month.


Media Schedule Grades PreK-5

      A Week B Week
Teacher Grade Time Day Day
Mrs. Lloyd Prekindergarten   Wednesday Wednesday
Mrs. Carlson Kindergarten 12:30-1:15 Monday Thursday
Ms. Woodard Kindergarten 12:30-1:15 Thursday Monday
Mrs.Sealey 1st 2:00-2:45 Friday Tuesday
Ms. Larsen 1st 2:00-2:45 Tuesday Wednesday
Mrs. Morris 2nd 2:50-3:35 Thursday Thursday
Mrs. Steede 2nd 2:50-3:35 Wednesday Friday
Ms. Kamin 3rd 11:30-12:15 Wednesday Tuesday
Mrs. Nadeau 3rd 11:30-12:15 Friday Thursday
Ms. Raymor 4th 10:15-11:00 Monday Monday
Mrs. Massengill 4th 10:15-11:00 Friday Friday
Ms. Reining 5th 9:25-10:10 Wednesday Thursday
Mr. Peeler 5th 9:25-10:10 Thursday Friday