The overall goals of this course are to teach students the process of self-awareness, career exploration,

and setting academic and career-related goals. Students will demonstrate an understanding of how

accurate, current, and unbiased career information is necessary for successful career planning and

management using Maryland’s career clusters and pathways. In addition, students will be introduced to

basic concepts of financial literacy to help them manage their personal finances. Course content will

integrate the development of the student’s competency in business writing as well as the Skills for

Success (i.e., communication, learning, interpersonal, technology, and critical thinking). Students will

also be required to prepare for and participate in an interview process. The work-based learning

experience takes place at worksites, includes a minimum of 270 hours, and may be paid or unpaid. The

WBL plan identifies the appropriate competencies, duties and tasks in academic, technical, and work

readiness areas that apply directly to students’ goals for a specific work-related placement. The goal of

the WBL experience is to expose students to authentic employment opportunities that link to students’

career interests. WBL placements have the potential to prepare students for employment that leads to a

family-supporting wage. The worksite placement is secured, based on students’ interests, and employer

demand. The WBL coordinator is responsible for monitoring students’ placements, documenting

students’ progress, and accounting for students’ completion of their plan and portfolio.