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NCAA Eligibility Informational Materials and Links

by Joe Russo

Letter from NCAA

The NCAA’s outreach and education efforts related to initial-eligibility continue to remain in full swing.   These efforts focus on both Division I standards for college-bound student-athletes enrolling on or afterAugust 1, 2016 and Division II college-bound student-athletes enrolling on or after August 1, 2018.  The following materials, which  have been made available to high school and non-scholastic athletic communities, also may be valuable to your colleagues, as they look to assist students and parents with the initial eligibility, recruiting and college selection processes.   Please refer to, or our new outreach site, for even more information.

Also, in an effort to continue to spread the word about this important new information, we are pleased to announce that the NCAA’s Initial-Eligibility course available through has been updated with the new academic requirements and is being made available free of charge!  Please visit and take 30-45 minutes to complete the Initial Eligibility course.  This course will familiarize you and your colleagues with the new academic requirements, as well as the required NCAA Eligibility Center registration and certification process for college-bound student-athletes.

Additional resources are available for parents and college-bound student-athletes.  Those informational materials can be found here.   If I can be of any further assistance, feel free to contact me.



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