Mental Health Resources

Students, if you are feeling overwhelmed, overly stressed, depressed, disconnected, or in any other way emotionally struggling, please reach out to anyone at the school who you feel comfortable talking to. Please feel free to reach out to a teacher, counselor, assistant principal, or to me directly. If we can’t appropriately problem solve with you, we can get you in touch with someone who can.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Principal


Grading Information

Teachers will be using the following grading marks:

Excused = Communicates to the student that s/he is exempt from this assignment- it neither helps or hinders their grade.

Missing = Communicates to the student that the assignment was never received but the student can still turn it in. Giving a student a Missing flag is the calculation equivalent to giving the student a zero.

Zero = Communicates to the student the grade is final and cannot be recovered.


Helpful Information for Academics

Students~please make sure you are logging into all of the platforms through Clever. This cuts down on browser confusion and allows for the single-sign-on to work as designed.

Grades~Understanding how to access your grades on Schoology is a very important skill. Use the following resources from the SMCPS Student Schoology course to help you.

Parents~The Parent/Guardian Resources for Schoology contains information on how to view and access your Schoology portal. Below are a few highlights:



There are several ways to keep on top of what’s happening at Chopticon High School. Please use any of the following:

 School Telephone # 301-475-0215

  • Staff email addresses can be found on our website here
  • Braves Bulletin - Weekly Updates for students and parents sent out via School Messenger. The latest edition is on the homepage of our website
  • Twitter- @CHS_smcps


Technology Help

SMCPS IT Assistance

Students - Self-Help to Re-Set Password