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There are so many ways to earn CASH for CPCS at NO COST to you! Please try to participate in as many of these free programs as possible. It really adds up for CPCS! 



CPCS will earn money just by making your regular household purchases. But instead of paying with cash or credit use prepaid gift cards from America’s favorite and most trusted retailers.


Find the familiar 10¢ Box Tops coupon on hundreds of your family’s favorite products from General Mills. Box Tops are now on Ziploc® Kleenex®and Scott® products, too! Please clip, count and save your Box Tops!
Don't forget to start sending in your box tops to Ms. Calabro - her first scheduled event is coming up at the end of SEPT. 

100 box tops equals entrance to your event (dance/ kickball game)

It’s helpful to tape or glue the box tops to the attached sheet (50 box tops).  

If you just want to send them in, please put them in plastic bags (100 per bag) please.

*Please do not send in expired box tops they will not take them.



All we have to do to participate is clip and save the entire Project A+™label from participating Tyson products. CPCS earns 24¢ for every Tyson Project A+ label your clip! Please look for labels on Tyson’s frozen food, boxes or bags, and Tyson’s Deli Style lunchmeats. If you would like more information or a complete list of products, visit Send the labels to school, and the Alliance will redeem them.


Amazon now helps with fundraising.  They donate 0.5% of every purchase to the school which could add up for those that shop Amazon. Please use the following link: or go to and look for Chesapeake Charter School Alliance LTD as your charity and then start shopping.

COKE POINTS - My Coke Rewards

All you need to do is register for My Coke Rewards Website. Once registered you can start adding codes to the site.   When your codes are added you click the school tab and donate to the school.  You will have to look it up by location.  

If you don’t want to do the work, send the bottle caps, or box codes in and the Alliance will redeem them! Saving caps & codes can help CPCS earn materials for the school!

Please send in the caps from your bottles and also the codes from your boxes of soda.  12 packs have codes located on the part of the box that pops open.  Flats of Soda from places like BJs have codes in the plastic cover on the bottom of the box.  

All codes and caps should go to Ms. Callabro 



If you are using Shoparoo we very much appreciate it!  We started this last year and in our 1st year, we earned over $200 with only 17 supporters!  Think of how much more we could be earning with your help.  
This year we would like to increase the number of supporters.   It’s easy- All you have to do is download an app and start taking pictures of your receipts from WalMart, Target, Kmart, BJs, Sheetz, Wawa and any grocery store or convenience store and the points start adding up -It’s simple!

Here’s the link to get the app and start earning points

BONUS SIDE NOTE - Copies of your receipts are stored on your phone.  Since you’re scanning them into your phone, you don’t have to worry if you lose it- it’s now scanned and saved in your phone!

If you don't have interest in using the app but would like to participate, just send in your receipts!  Please note that receipts are only good if they are less than 2 weeks old. 

Place receipts in an envelope and send them to Attn:

Christina Allee / Shoparoo.


An Internet Search Engine, too! When searching the internet, try using Each time it is used, CCS Alliance receives a 1¢ donation. Every little bit helps our students! Please select Chesapeake Public Charter School as your charity and then search away within appropriate guidelines!

Through GoodSearch, you can also click on Goodshop!  This will allow you to shop at your favorite online stores (including!), and will generate a percentage of your purchases back to CPCS!  It takes just a couple extra clicks to access your favorite shopping site, but it can result in anywhere from 2% to 30% for CPCS!!


Each month up to 10 ink cartridges per rewards card can be recycled at Staples, resulting in a $30 Staples reward.  If you are not using these rewards for your personal use, please consider recycling your cartridges for CPCS, and turn in the reward to the school office.


You can help CCS Alliance raise money by signing-up your merchant cards. These cards help to raise money for our school. Each new school year you need to register your cards. Family, alumni, neighbors, and friends can take part, too! Thanks for registering!


Take Charge of Education Program

Use your Target REDCard or Target Visa at Target stores or at and Target donates 1% of your purchases back to CCS Alliance.

Register your card at target.comSchool Code: 123180
PLUS, you get 5% off every purchase with a REDCard


Giant will assist CPCS in meeting our educational needs through the A+ BONUSBUCKSSM Program. The program runs from October through April each year. Each time you use your GIANT BONUS CARD, CPCS will earn A+ BONUSBUCKSSM.

Register your Giant Card under the 'Our Stores' tab. It's Easy! Registration begins September 8th. School ID: 05516         


HARRIS TEETER                               

As of August 1st CPCS started earning money for every HT brand purchased with a linked VIC card.   As of right now, we have 35 links which brought in $100 for CPCS, thank you for linking your cards!  Let’s see if we can link even more!



“Lion Shop & Share” Program
Register your FOOD LION MVP Here
School ID: 211481
CCS Alliance will receive a portion of the amount you spend during each shopping trip.
Thank you again for supporting the Charter School Alliance!
Any questions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.