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Chesapeake Public Charter School
20945 Great Mills Road, Lexington Park, MD 20653
Phone Number: 301-863-9585
Fax Number: 301-863-9586
Monday - Friday
8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

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A Brief History of CPCS


  • Maryland passes Charter School Law.  Our local Senator Roy Dyson helped author the bill.
  • Kathy Glaser and Kate Sullivan form a group of founders in Southern Maryland to open a school in order to provide choice in education.
  • Over the next two years, a Charter is written and a location is sought.


  • The non-profit “Chesapeake Charter School Alliance” forms officially.
  • The Alliance submits a Charter Application to St. Mary’s County Public Schools (SMCPS) Board of Education, and is declined.
  • Chesapeake Charter School Alliance appeals the decision to the state.
  • The state overturns the SMCPS ruling, and the Alliance is permitted to move forward.
  • After much searching, a building sorely in need of renovation is found.  Tom Watts, the owner of the building, and his wife Katie work with the Alliance to create this space for CPCS.


  • In March, a 4 year Charter Agreement between SMCPS and the Alliance is signed.
  • The Alliance receives a start-up grant from MSDE and hires a project manager.
  • Construction begins on the building, without the need for a loan, thanks to the generosity of landlord, Tom Watts, and the investors of Big Blue, Inc.
  • The Alliance brings in new board members as the fundraising arm of the organization, and the founders form a separate Governing Board.


  • The 4 year lease on the building is signed.
  • In May, CPCS is finally given a green light by SMCPS Board of Education to open in August.
  • In August, CPCS opens with grades K-5 and 240 students in mixed grade groupings.
  • During the 2007-2008 school year, SMCPS hires several CPCS directors.  The first left before beginning the school year for family reasons; Kathy Glaser became Acting Director.  In October, Nicole Connolly was hired, but was relocated by SMCPS in May.  In May, Angela Funya became Acting Director and completed the school year before becoming the Education Director in the 2009-2010 school year.


  • In July, the Governing Board and Alliance Board merge.
  • 6th grade is added to CPCS.


  • During the summer, the Alliance Board revises t renewshe vision, mission and goals of CPCS.
  • 7th grade is added to CPCS.
  • In October, the new portion of the building is finished and opens for use – including the gym, 5 classrooms, 5 offices, a conference room, and a science lab.


  • In the spring, Delegate John Bohanan introduces a bill which is passed, allowing the county property tax paid by CPCS to be abated.
  • In June, the Charter is renewed by SMCPS.
  • 8th grade is added to CPCS.


  • In the fall, the Lease is renewed on the building to correspond with the Charter renewal dates.
  • CPCS now has 2 classes each of K-6 and one class each of 7 and 8 – 320 students total.


  • CPCS now has 2 classes each of K-7 and one class of 8th – approx. 340 students.


  • Full enrollment of 360 students, 2 classes per grade level - 360 students.


  • CCSA renews charter aggreement with SMCPS for 5 years.


  • CCSA receives loan from USDA COMMUNITY LOAN and purchases current facility for $7,030,000 (Seven million thirty thousand dollars).
  • CCSA contracts with Jim Ritter of Jim Ritter Norton Architects to develop master plan.


  • Expansion begins with the addition of a third 1st grade class of 20 students.