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Alison Sayers

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The Counseling Program at CPCS stresses student development in three major areas: academic achievement, career and educational decision-making, and personal and social growth.   

Academic Achievement

  • Schedule 8th grade students for academic classes for high school transition

  • Help students adjust to the school and plan their programs.

  • Help students with time-management.

  • Consult with teachers on ways to improve student academic achievement.

 Career and Educational Decision-Making

  •  Assess student aptitudes & interests and explore career options.

  • Help students discover their strengths and weaknesses in relation to school performances.

 Personal and Social Development

  • Help students develop and reinforce problem-solving and decision-making skills.

  • Help students use their problem-solving and conflict resolution techniques.

  • Help students advocate for themselves with staff.

The counselor delivers the program in a variety of ways including large-scale instruction for all students. The counselor facilitates daily and weekly lessons, which may include such topics as mindfulness, collaboration, conflict resolution, empathy, coping with change, goal setting, career exploration, and perseverance at the elementary level and suicide prevention and career development at the middle school level. The counselor also supports the overall school program by participating on interdisciplinary teams to determine special services.


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