Welcome to an extension of our school newsletter! Do you want to live life fitfully? Who doesn’t? In conjunction with our school’s goals to promote health and wellness, a monthly email including health education, info on school healthy activities, recipes that coordinate with our fabulous Taste It program, fun facts and a monthly challenge will come your way.  Click on the links below!


Living Life Fitfully - January 2017 


Elementary Physical Activity Calendar - February 2017 

Secondary Physical Activity Calendar - February 2017 

Living Life Fitfully - February 2017

Taste It - February 2017


Living Life Fitfully - 3rd Edition

Fun Tips & Ideas for School Lunches 

Rice Bowl Recipes 


Living Life Fitfully 4th Edition

Sid Seagull / Sun Smart Poster

Sun Safety Tips

Flower Food


Living Life Fitfully 5th Edition

Morning Walk Treats I

Morning Walk Treats II

Bike Safety

Water Safety

Recipe Raves