October 2, 2020


Here is a link to the Wednesday Board of Education Meeting.  Dr. Smith shared information about the dates for return in his Board report.  The first 30 minutes provide good information. This link SMCPS Updates also includes dates and information with respect to returning to school. CPCS will follow the same process for student phase in and orientation days.


Many of the questions asked in our parent survey revolve around protocols for positive cases and quarantines.  We await the formal guidance from SMCPS and the SMCHD, but this document from MSDE is informative.  The flow chart on the last page is useful!  

Response to a Laboratory Confirmed Case of COVID-19 and Persons with COVID-19-like Illness in Schools.  


Additionally, parents indicated in the survey the need for support and concerns surrounding their child(ren)s social and emotional/mental health.  Check out this webinar opportunity next Thursday! Creating a Culture of Dignity Webinar


Want to recognize the exceptional teaching in our school to others in the system? Dr. Smith announced at the Board meeting a process by which SMCPS will spotlight the incredible work of our teachers. Parents, guardians, colleagues, and students can submit a nomination to let us know who they see doing amazing work. SMCPS will recognize staff in the bi-weekly system newsletter, The Signal, and on the website and social media.  Ms. Funya also receives a copy of the nominations and shares directly with staff.  It's been awesome to have an inbox flooded with positive emails in support of our amazing staff!! Excellence in Online Teaching


Fall 2020 Update - Action Required

July 25, 2020

Dear CPCS Families,


CPCS devices will be issued to your child to use when here in the building in order to eliminate the need for travel between home and school.   We intend to provide a 1:1 device for each CPCS registered student for use at school. This will also eliminate communal use of materials.  

  • Students in grades K & 1 will utilize an iPad.  
  • Students in grades 2-8 will utilize a laptop.  

Personally owned devices can also be used to access online course material from home. 

  • Minimum device specification requirements:
  • Windows 10; iOS 11; Android version 6
  • Chrome (latest version); Safari versions 10 and 11; Firefox (latest version); Edge for Windows 10

For those in need, we will provide a device for use at home.  At this time, please contact Paula Tepel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any technology needs.  



Dr. Smith presented the following information at the BoE meeting on July 22 with respect to recovery planning for SMCPS.  It is attached below for your viewing pleasure.

As you know our current draft plan is to begin all virtual on August 12, and then align with SMCPS in terms of actual physical student phase-in.  We will continue to receive feedback, and monitor additional health and safety guidelines and guardrails as referenced by Dr. Karen Salmon during the Governor's press conference.  Those documents are linked here:

We will continue to communicate with you in our weekly outlook about what our next steps will be. 

As we move closer to an "in person" phase-in for students, we will collect a commitment from you with respect to your choice to physically return your child to CPCS or remain 100% virtual.  We will also collect your intent to ride a bus if you reside within the CPCS Transportation District 2020-2021.  



"School supplies" in the traditional sense will be needed for students to use at home.  School supply lists are located on our website under Quick Links - Beginning of Year Docs, and teachers will communicate any minimal additional requests as needed later after we begin.  Families that purchased the online kits in the spring will be able to pick up the boxes from school in the near future.  

Wishing you a safe and cool weekend.


Ms. Funya

BOE Recovery Plan  - LINK TO SMCPS

CPCS Draft Reopening Plan 2020-2021

July 16, 2020 

Dear CPCS Families, 

CPCS has been working diligently over the last 2 months, planning and preparing for the start of the 2020-2021 school year. As you can imagine, this work has been challenging and incredibly complex. We were given guidelines by Governor Hogan, the Maryland State Department of Education, and the Center for Disease Control. We have researched, surveyed families, reviewed options, evaluated other models, held family, staff and Governing Board focus groups, discussed with SMCPS central office administration, CPCS Staff, and the Education Association of St. Mary’s County. We have considered the perspectives that have been shared with us based on specific needs and circumstances of the many families we serve, staff, and students alike. At all times, we held the collective safety of our community at the apex of our decisions. Based on all of that, we have developed a draft plan that we are pleased to share with you today. We will continue to amend, adjust and improve as we receive additional feedback from stakeholders and guidance from the powers that be. 

We have provided you with two ways to view this draft plan. A PDF of a visual power point presentation and an aligned narrative provide the same information for your review. 

This draft provides an overview at a high level of the protocols and possible scenarios for a safe return. Much of what you read will be addressed in finer detail as we move closer to having students in the building. Because we are unable to predict the path of the pandemic, these scenarios have been developed with consideration of fluid movement between them in order to lessen the impact and risk associated with COVID-19 and to reflect our dependence on state and local guidance. 

Despite the significant disruption and stress for us all, our teachers remain dedicated to creating new ways to remain connected to and educate our students which you will see reflected in the plan. Teams of teachers have worked tirelessly over the summer to build courses in Schoology, our new learning management system so that students have the possibility of live interaction with a teacher in an all virtual or hybrid scenario. Book studies, webinars, and hours of planning inform our new, concurrent teaching pedagogy so that we can provide the best possible learning experience for each of our students. 

To be clear, CPCS will begin the 2020-2021 school year virtually. We will phase in students to a hybrid scenario according to timelines determined with SMCPS, at which point families will have the option to remain 100% virtual while maintaining their registration at CPCS. More details with respect to scheduling and operational logistics will follow as guidance becomes more focused on the current path of the pandemic. We will also reach out to you again to confirm technology needs and your own plans moving forward. 

One last note of gratitude to all the members of our community who served on the committees which developed this plan, participated in focus groups, provided feedback via the family surveys and helped think through this very complicated situation. Even as we know some questions remain unanswered, your commitment of time, study and thoughtfulness has made it possible to plan our return to CPCS. 

Thank you for your continued support. 


Angela Funya

CPCS Education Director 

Return to CPCS Plan Draft  - Narrative 

2020-2021 Reopening Plan Draft  - Visual presentation


CPCS Updates

Dear CPCS Families,

We have been consumed with crafting a draft plan with such passion, nose down, based on the information we've gathered from you over the past two weeks since our last survey and updates went out!   We are getting closer.  

We have heard you through those surveys and focus groups, and developed a comprehensive draft that now lies with SMCPS in order to make final decisions.  At this time, we are actively working with the superintendent and his team to make informed decisions about the fall, and how that impacts our start.  We are moving as quickly as we can to give you information by July 16th (next Thursday), which is about four weeks before our planned start of August 12.  We will have additional feedback on our draft from SMCPS Directors, CPCS staff, and additional parent focus groups before public release on the 16th. We wish that things were normal and that we could resume where we left off, but there are too many safety variables that need to be considered, and cannot be completed in haste.

We watch and wait with trepidation for the changes that will come from the state depending on the course of this very novel situation.  We know that what we plan will not be perfect. We know that there will be things that will need to change, but we will work to make it better, to be resilient when we hit obstacles, and flexible and supportive based on the many needs of our community during a very uncertain time. 

As a charter, we are no strangers to a moving target, but this pandemic has tested our resolve.  Thank you for your patience, and flexibility.  Next week will bring us closer to the answers you seek.


Ms. Funya

A huge THANK YOU to Colby Nelson (Parent and Governing Board Member) and his team for resuscitating and completing The CPCS newsletter! Attached is this year's edition. It's our first forward-facing promotional material we've generated and we'd like its reach to go beyond the immediate CPCS community.  Please help the PR effort by sharing with friends, family, and other St. Mary's County community members so they can see the wonderful work the staff and students have been able to do even in the face of such a disruptive and disrupted year!  Thank you Colby!

CLICK HERE to view the CPCS Newsletter Summer 2020


CPCS Back To School Family Survey

Dear Families,

Thank you so much for your responses to our 2020 Planning Family Survey! More than 80% of our families responded and your input has already made a difference in our planning process for our return to learning in August.


  • 83% of you responded that you are concerned about lost face to face learning time as we look toward the next school year;
  • 68% said that you have health and safety concerns looking toward the next school year;
  • more than half of you said you have concerns about your child(ren)’s social and emotional well-being and development heading into next year; and
  • over 60% of respondents said that managing your own work schedules/multiple children/the regular household routine was challenging during our time away from the school building.

We hear you! Your responses and all of the additional comments you provided are being used by four committees to contribute to our planning process. They are focusing on 1) scheduling 2) content delivery 3) social-emotional learning and family support and 4) operations (transportation, food services, maintenance, etc.)  Each committee includes staff, Alliance Board members, and parents and we have conducted several small focus groups to gather additional detail and feedback from students as well.

Of course, that means we have some new questions!  We hope that today’s survey will again only take 5-10 minutes to complete even while it provides critical information for our planning.

Chances are good we may come back to you again as we really try to get as much input and consider as many perspectives as possible to return to our CPCS community with renewed commitment to our values. Although some decisions may be beyond our control, your feedback will help us prepare effectively for whatever scenario we face in these quickly changing circumstances.

Join the survey by clicking HERE