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Uniform Policy:

The Chesapeake Public Charter School has a school uniform policy. We believe our school uniform policy will help us foster a school environment conducive to learning. The uniform requirements are as follows:


Collared polo-style shirt, long-sleeved or short. Colors are light blue, white, or navy. Turtlenecks, oxfords and collared blouses are also acceptable. CPCS Spirit Wear (excluding caps) may be worn on any day.


Navy, khaki shorts or pants. Shorts (knit or twill) should be mid-thigh to knee length. Pleated or elastic waist twill pants, sweatpants, knit elastic waist pants or Capri pants are acceptable. Pants must remain at waist level. Jeans and jeggings are not acceptable.


Navy or khaki dresses, skirts, skorts or jumpers are acceptable options. Denim is not acceptable. Skirts, jumpers, and skorts must be mid-thigh to knee length (both front and back). Leggings may be worn under dresses, jumpers, skirts or skorts.


Closed-toed athletic or dress shoes. Crocs and boots are acceptable. Athletic shoes must be worn for PE. OPTIONAL CLOTHING ITEMS: Solid sweatshirts or sweaters in white, light blue, or navy may be worn over a turtleneck or collared shirt. Sweatshirts or sweaters containing small appliques will be accepted. Those with large brand names or logos will not be. No student shall wear a hat, cap, sweatbands, bandanna, scarves, or sunglasses inside the school building without a medical or religious accommodation.


At the discretion of the Director, Fridays will be designated as “casual Fridays.” Students may wear jeans or shorts, dresses, skirts, or skorts in colors other than navy or khaki. Clothing must be in good condition; tears, holes, and slits in the seams are not permitted. Students may wear shirts other than the ones described above in the Uniform Policy. Tank tops, mesh tops, any shirt with open sides, or tops that expose the midriff or chest are prohibited. Any outer garments with printed references to alcohol, tobacco, or drugs cannot be worn in the school. Clothing with inappropriate slogans or graphics are not allowed. Please note that on Fridays, dress code policies for St. Mary’s County Public Schools must be observed. This dress code may be viewed at CPCS Spirit Wear (excluding caps) may be worn at any time. Uniforms may be purchased at any store of the parents’ choosing. As a courtesy Lands’ End catalogs can be found in the main office. ***** The CPCS Uniform Policy is designed to be a gender neutral, religiously neutral, mandatory, universally applicable code. CPCS recognizes, however, that in some unique circumstances, accommodations (exceptions) to the dress code based upon either medical or religious justifications are reasonable and appropriate. Parents ~Academic Excellence, Individual Expression and Character Development~ may submit a request for a medical or religious accommodation, which will be granted if it is reasonable in light of all the facts and circumstances.

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