CPCS District Map Updated for 2020-2021

NOTE *Be sure to check the SMCPS website for CPCS Bus Times & Schedules periodically as times and/or stops may be adjusted.


Arrive at the bus stop 10 minutes early.  Please be patient with times as the bus drivers are getting used to their new routes.  After the first two weeks of school, there may be adjustments made to the times of pick up. 



The ‘Here Comes the Bus’ app allows the user to see where their school bus is prior to the bus stop and also to be notified when the bus is approaching their bus stop via a push message or email.   

Registration link: Here Comes the Bus

The Code is 86563             

HCTB Flyer    

HCTB Flyer- Spanish





Parents of children picked up from school by car on a frequent, routine, or daily basis need to read this information:

IMPORTANT NOTICE – *2020-2021* - Last school year each family was allotted two (2) Car Rider Pro placards (free). You will be using the same placards from year-to-year. Only NEW CPCS families will be given placards unless otherwise indicated. Please complete the Google Transportation Survey indicating your family's need for additional. Anyone requesting more than two original placards will be charged a $5 fee/placard. Distribution of placards is forthcoming. It is your responsibility to provide any authorized individuals you deem necessary with your placard. The placard system also allows your child(ren) to be picked up by anyone who displays your placard in their car.

Placard Informational Letter - 2020-2021

Families remaining at CPCS should keep these placards for the entirety of their years at CPCS.  Do NOT throw them away!

New placards will be only issued to new families in the coming years.  Lost or replacement placards will be issued for $5/placard.

If you have an emergency situation, or someone is picking up a student who does not have a placard in the car, please contact the office.

No vehicles should park in any parking spaces directly in front of the office doors at morning drop-off or dismissal. Parking here is only allowed between the hours of 9 am -2 pm.

Please make sure that anyone who is authorized to pick up your child(ren) is aware of these changes.

The vehicle placard program eliminates the process of having parents or authorized persons from signing their child(ren) out each day. Our goal is to run dismissal as smoothly as possible without compromising safety.