What should I take away from my child’s PARCC score report?

The PARCC assessment provides the most detailed snapshot we’ve ever had of what students actually learn in reading, writing, and math. The results show us who needs additional instruction and support, who is ready to move ahead in the subject area, and who is on track to graduate ready for higher education or the work force.

How do I compare PARCC scores with other tests?

You cannot compare PARCC scores with other tests. It’s not only a new test, but also a different test. It is not possible to score “lower” or “higher” on PARCC relative to any other test your child has taken in the past. This is a fresh start. Our students are setting a new baseline for growth.

These scores are from last year. How does that help my child this year?

The results help principals to plan ahead—to make sure that your child has access to teachers best able to support your child’s strengths and areas where they need help. This has been a transition year for the new PARCC assessment—setting a new baseline we can build on. Next year, the results will be available sooner, which will be even more helpful to your child’s school.

My child is in high school now, so how will PARCC scores affect graduation?

This school year (2015-2016), your high school-aged child is required to participate in PARCC, but the results are not tied to graduation. The Maryland State Board of Education will determine next year how PARCC results will affect graduation in the 2016-2017 school year and beyond. There will be programs in place to ensure that every student has an appropriate “bridge” to graduation.

How can I help my child get the support needed to do better next year—or to advance?

We encourage you to meet with your child’s teacher(s) or a school administrator. The PARCC scores can serve as a guide to discuss where your child needs help, and the best ways to access the resources needed to improve. If your child is clearly ready to take on new challenges, this is also a conversation worth having.

If my child scores in the low range on PARCC this year and again next year, will that affect his or her promotion to the next grade?

No. This test—like any test—is just one measure of your child’s progress. Your child’s grades, school work, attendance, behavior, and other factors are also important to the big picture of how well your child is doing and how prepared he or she is for the next grade. This is an opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher(s) and discuss how to get him or her the help needed to improve.

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