Dear Esperanza Families, 

I am writing this communication to define and clarify the Esperanza Middle School policy regarding cell phones, iPods, and any other electric hand-held devices. 
As per the St. Mary’s County Public Schools regulation JFDF; JFDF-R, “Possession or Use of Portable Electronic Communication Devices”:
  • Beepers, cell phones, PDA’s and laptop computers are allowed on school property.
  • School personnel have the right to limit the use of electronic communication devices. The instructional climate cannot be disrupted.
  • An electronic device may be confiscated by an administrator and a parent/guardian may be required to meet with an administrator.
  • The school assumes no liability for lost, stolen, or malfunctioning devices. 
All CELL PHONES are required to be turned OFF during the school day and on the bus. After school hours, CELL PHONES may only be “turned on” with permission from school staff or a bus driver. 
In keeping with this policy, you can expect Esperanza Middle School staff to follow it as written and approved by the Board of Education.
We suggest electronic devices remain at home, as they are not needed at school. If you decide you will allow your child to have a portable, electronic communication device (this includes iPods or MP3 players) at school, please know the safekeeping of that item is the sole responsibility of your child.  This includes loss, vandalism, or theft of the device.
Thank you for your support regarding this matter.