A Message from Ms. Maggie Giles, Academic Dean, Fairlead Academy II


Fairlead Academy II, is a program designed to guide students forward and prepare them for the future. Fairlead I opened for School Year 2009 and we ended the school year with our students achieving great success.  Fairlead Academy, with the support of the Superintendent and the SMCPS Board of Education, expanded for school year 2010 to include freshmen and sophomore students.  Realizing that many students had the tools needed to continue at their home schools and that some students require the smaller classes and more individualized attention, Fairlead Academy II was developed for junior and senior students, opening in 2011.  Fairlead Academy II is located on the Leonardtown High School campus, in the villas behind the high school building.   All of our students are striving toward rigorous academic goals. The faculty and staff of Fairlead Academy II work with each and every student to ensure they are successful and completely prepared for their future. 
Maggie Giles
Academic Dean

 A message from Mr. BeeJay Dothard, Academic Dean From Fairlead Academy I


Nine years ago SMCPS identified a group of students in need and Fairlead Academy was opened as a home for 9th grade students who failed classes in middle school but according to their test scores they should be passing. These students were in school daily but for various reasons not keeping up with their academic studies. Since high school operates on credits, when a student’s fail classes, it makes very difficult for them to graduate on time. Our goal continues to be to ensure that every 9th grader earns all 7 credits and every 10th grader leaves with 14 credits. We also work to make sure that every student learns study skills that are necessary for them to be successful when they return to a comprehensive high school. Over time Fairlead has grown to include about 150 9th and 10th graders who graduate on time and are very successful in their post high school paths.

Here at Fairlead Academy we work very hard to help each student find their personal connection to education. Every student tours and applies to attend classes at the Dr. James A. Forrest Career and Technology Center, we introduce them to college and we work with every student to help them identify a career and a post high school dream. We offer a friendly environment with experienced teachers and small class sizes. Additionally, we pride ourselves on having a 1 to 1 technology to student ratio.

As the Academic Dean at Fairlead Academy it is my honor to dedicate everything that I can to make sure that our students take an active role in their education and support them to the best of my abilities. I want them to show pride in their work, achievements and their community.

Pride is something that we want all of our students to have when comes to educational environments, community and life. We’ve created P.R.I.D.E. as an acronym for our students.



Persevere through good and bad to reach your goals.



You are Responsible for all your learning and actions.



Have Integrity in all that you do.



Be Deductive in your reasoning with academic and life problems.



Be Earnest in your efforts.

Let’s all show our Fairlead PRIDE!

BeeJay Dothard

Academic Dean