Why is there a Fairlead Academy II in St. Mary’s County Public School System? 

Fairlead Academy II fills a very important need by assisting struggling students, with individualized instruction and support for their emotional, psychological, physiological and academic needs, in order for them to graduate from high school.

What is Fairlead Academy II (FAII)?

Fairlead Academy II is a unique program designed for 11th and 12th grade students who require positive intervention in order to graduate from high school.  The program is designed to allow creativity with the scheduling of students; therefore students who need to recover from previous failures are often quite successful at FAII. 

Students can attend Fairlead II even if they have not attended Fairlead I, and, students from Fairlead Academy I do not automatically attend Fairlead Academy II.

Students succeed at Fairlead Academy II for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Students who have trouble adjusting socially to a large high school often find Fairlead a place where they can be successful.
  • Smaller class sizes at Fairlead allow students who need more individualized instruction to prosper.
  • Fairlead II significantly benefits 11th graders who have not earned enough credits to become seniors, but would still like to graduate with their original class. 
  • Fairlead II is a choice program.
  • Most FAII students have a split schedule with classes at FAII, their home high school or the Tech Center during their school day. 
  • Student disciplinary records are a consideration of acceptance. Students cannot be assigned to FAII from an expulsion conference or have an extensive disciplinary history.
  • Student IEPs are reviewed to ensure the program would be the most appropriate placement.

The motto at Fairlead Academy II is “With you and Fairlead II, success is guaranteed.”