Over the years, St. Mary's County Public Schools implemented new procedures for screening volunteers to ensure an appropriate level of background checks for all community members who provide volunteer hours to its schools.

        Under the new procedures, all volunteers are classified as -- “registered volunteers".
        A registered volunteer serves on an occasional or routine basis and may have unsupervised contact with a student at or away from the school site. This group includes, but is not limited to, chaperones for field trips and overnight school trips, coaches, tutors, mentors, school office/classroom aides, and student-teachers. Registered volunteers will be required to complete an application for a formal background screening. Costs associated with this screening will be covered by the school system.
        Volunteers play a vital role in student success and contribute to the vast learning experiences of students. As the school system continues to make these opportunities available, it will also continue to move forward to provide the safest and most secure learning environment for all students.
      Parents and community members interested in serving as school volunteers in St. Mary's County Public Schools are asked to click here to complete the volunteer application process.  Any questions related to volunteers should be directed to Karen Evans ext 21103, or the St. Mary’s County Public Schools Supervisor of Safety and Security, Mr. F. Michael Wyant, at 301-475-4256, ext. 34188.