To maintain high standards of achievement, good behavior is imperative.  In order to have and keep a safe and orderly school environment, we teach and reinforce school-wide expectations and routines.  We expect students and staff to treat each other with respect so that learning is not impeded.  Our school-wide discipline plan is designed to reinforce school wide and classroom expectations. With a balance between Positive Behavioral Interventions and Responsive Classroom strategies, we are creating a supportive environment that encourages positive behavior and student success.  
School-Wide Expectations:
Be Respectful
Be responsible 
Be Caring
Click on the link to see what these expectations look like throughout the building: School Expectations
School Pledge:
Speak with kind words--Caring 
Keep hands, feet and objects to self--Respect 
Listen while others speak--Respect 
Follow directions the first time they are given--Responsibility 
Use materials and equipment appropriately and safely--Responsibility

Positive Recognition- Students can earn GIVE A HOOT tickets :)
Classroom Progressive Discipline Plan:
Reminding Language 
Focus Area Procedure
Redirecting Language
Parent Contact
Consequences for Major Behavior will be reviewed through the SMCPS Code of Conduct