Nature's R.O.L.E. Composting Project 

Nature's R.O.L.E. (Resources in Our Learning Environment) is a program designed to engage students and their teachers in learning about natural resources, providing opportunities to observe and study these resources firsthand by creating compost and growing native plant species.

Click here for a Composting Recipe

Photographs from our Nature's R.O.L.E. Composting Kickoff.

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Greenview Knolls Recycling Program

We recycle:

  1. Paper

Greenview Knolls receives various amounts of money for each item recycled.

  1. Old cell phones
  2. Empty printer cartridges

Terracycle Program:  Greenview Knolls receives $.02 for all Terracycle recyclables

  1. Chip bags
  2. Drink pouches

All money collected from recycled items will be put towards technology to ensure that GKES classrooms are 21st century technology rich classrooms.

The Greenview Knolls First Annual Backyard Bird Count

The first annual Greenview Knolls Backyard Bird Count  was a success.  The bird counters were able to identify many different species of birds and had a lot of community fun during the event.

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