Phone Extension List

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Administration Counseling | APEX | CTE | English | Fine Arts | Mathematics | Media | Nurses | Phys Ed | Science

Special Education Resource | Social Studies | World Language | Support Staff | Paraeducators | Safety Assistants


Jake Heibel Principal 
Charles Dunbar Assistant Principal (Testing/Instructional & Intervention Programs) 
Daniel Hart Assistant Principal R-Z (Grades 9 - 12)
Lisa Johnson Assistant Principal D-I (Grades 9 - 12)
Rhonda Morgan Assistant Principal J-Q (Grades 9 - 12)
Donna Thorstensen Assistant Principal A-C (Grades 9 - 12)
Ryan Hanley Activities Director 
Donnie Shade Building Service Manager 
Deputy Blaine Gaskill Resource Officer 


Department Chair Counseling (last names R - Z) 
Jennifer Cole Counselor
Christine Hurley School Psychologist 
Anastasia Jones Pupil Personnel Worker (PPW) 
Crystal Joseph Couselor (last names D - I)
Laura Skarwecki Registrar 
Judi Stokes Counselor (last names A - C)
Molly Trageser Counselor (last names J - Q)
Glori VanBrunt SPP Counselor 
Robin Willis Career Center/CAP 


James Bell APEX 
Leslie Johns APEX 

Career and Technology Education (CTE)

Oscar Feaster Department Chair CTE 
Mary Knaggs Career/Technology Education 
Bernard Lake Career/Technology Education 
Bianca Lynch Career/Technology Education 
Amy Mukua Career/Technology Education 
Anna-Lisa Wanack Career/Technology Education 
Stacey Kent Baby Talk 
Chief Robert Mack (Ret, USN) Naval Science NJROTC 
Capt David Randle (Ret, USN) Naval Science NJROTC 
LS1 Douglas Scott (Ret, USN) Naval Science NJROTC 

English Department

Jeffrey Dionne English Department 
Christine Halloran English Department 
Julie Metz English Department 
Tim Moraca English Department 
Daniel Morris English Department 
Shelby Mullennix English Department 
Meagan Norris English Department 
Jeanette Offenbacher Department Chair English 
Rebecca Persad English Department 
Sarah Stephenson English Department 
Will Stevens English Department 
Majorie Walsh English Department 

Fine Arts Department

Deborah Bowen Visual Arts 
Andrea Hampton Orchestra 
Corrine Koladay Department Chair Fine Arts 
Adalene Miller Visual Arts
Sarah Nelson Choral Director
Matthew Pearson Band Director
Meagan Pugh Theater Arts 
Kevin Rodgers Visual Arts 

Mathematics Department

Chris Adams Mathematics Department 
Nora Blasko Mathematics Department 
Katherine Bogdan Department Co-Chair Mathematics 
Amanda Delgado Mathematics Department 
Michael Finck Mathematics Department
Amanda Kennedy-Angel Mathematics Department 
Terry Pledger Mathematics Department 
Jeannette Ruby Mathematics Department 
Leo Simeon Mathematics Department 
Matthew Taggert Mathematics Department 
Hattie Webb Mathematics Department 
Brian Weisner Department Co-Chair Mathematics 
Lori Winkleman Mathematics Department 

Media Specialists

Patricia Cole Media Specialist 
Tina Dial Media Clerk 


P. Michaels Nurse 
Nicole Hickey Nurse 

Physical Education Department

Andre Carter Physical Education 
Frank Lanham Physical Education 
Bill Griffith Physical Education 
Lynn O’Dell Physical Education 

Science Department

Ronnie Chavez Science Department 
Constantine Chigounis Science Department 
Sandy Denham Department Chair Science 
Elizabeth Dyson Science Department 
Carla Estocsin Science Department 
Don Fletcher Science Department 
Jayme Knobloch Science Department 
Kelly Minton Science Department 
Scott Rigney Science Department 
Shane Ross Science Department 
Allen Skinner Science Department 
William Stone Science Department 
Bret Weaver Science Department 

Special Education Resource Department

Fred Anthony Special Education Resource Department 
Jennifer Braendeholm Special Education Resource Department 
Shannon Browne Special Education Resource Department 
Connie Carrington Special Education Resource Department 
Joshua Covey Special Education Resource Department   
Treva Eversole Special Education Resource Department 
Paula Harris Special Education Resource Department IEP Chair 
Christa Hayes Special Education Resource Department 
Catherine Holden Special Education Resource Department 
Ron Johns Special Education Resource Department 
Birgit Kueppers-Bradley Special Education Resource Department 
Peggy Menard Special Education Resource Department 
Margrit Quesnell Special Education Resource Department 
Carl Van Dunk Special Education Resource Department 
Donald Weldon Special Education Resource Department Chair

Social Studies Department

Jocelyn Benedict Social Studies Department 
Chris Davies Social Studies Department 
Anibal Delgado Social Studies Department 
Daniel George Social Studies Department 
Britni Kirker Social Studies Department 
Troy Kroll Social Studies Department
Tim McGowan Social Studies Department 
Samuel Sheppard Social Studies Department 
Matthew Wood Social Studies Department
Elizabeth Yokley Department Chair Social Studies 

World Language Department

David Boxwell Spanish 
Eva Donahue Spanish / Department Chair World Lang. 
Sandra Flowers ESOL 
Fieldon Haun French 
Sarah Poe Spanish 
Meg Vickers American Sign Language 
Joseph Winans German 

GMHS Support Staff

Mellisa Burgess Cafeteria Manager 
Kamala Carlsen Speech/Language Pathologist 
Annie Coombs Dept. of Juvenile Services 
Stacey Cornelius Behavior Specialist 
Cheryl Dare AP Secretary 
Wanda Duran Guidance Secretary 
Renee Ennels Main Office Secretary 
Brian Glasper AP Secretary 
Mary Ann Hickey Financial Assistant/School Bank 
Jeremy May IT Tech Specialist 
Annabelle Sanders Attendance Secretary 
Beverley Schwartzenburg AP Secretary 
Kim Williams Principal's Secretary 
Tina Wingerter In School Intervention 


Latoya Carroll Special Education Resource Assistant 
Christy Courtney Special Education Resource Assistant 
Elisa Evans Special Education Resource Assistant 
Sharon Gonzalez Baby Talk Daycare 
David Guynn Special Education Resource Assistant 
Paula Miles Special Education Resource Assistant 
Hannah Morse Special Education Resource Assistant 
Maria Rivenburgh Baby Talk Daycare 
Sonya Stonewall Special Education Resource Assistant 
Shanon Yokley Special Education Resource Assistant 
Larissa Zook Special Education Resource Assistant 

Safety Assistants

Amanda Baldevarona Safety Assistant
Tanisha Brown Safety Assistant
Marcus Bush Safety Assistant 
Lekika Gray Safety Assistant
Viola Jones Lead Safety Assistant 
Dennis Murray Safety Assistant 
Karen Rodriguez Safety Assistant