George Washington Carver Elementary School



School-Family-Student Agreement for Improving Student Achievement

This agreement is a pledge to work together to share responsibility to promote student learning, high achievement, and success in school. This compact is aligned with our School Improvement Plan priorities to promote student learning, student attendance, and a positive school climate.

Improve Communication, Parent Involvement and School Climate

As a school, we will

As a family, we will

As a student, I will

Communicate through morning announcements, school website, electronic mail, and automated phone system to keep parents and students informed of upcoming events.

Check student folders and notebooks daily, as well as Tuesday folders, for information from school and teachers.

Make sure I share my schoolwork, and communications each night with my family.

Communicate regularly with family and students regarding students’ academic progress and behavior through interims, report cards, conferences, agendas, frequent progress report, notes, e-mail, Home Access Center (HAC) and phone calls.

Be prompt in responding to school, when requested.

Talk with family members about what I learned in school; share information about upcoming events, and complete all homework.

Create a positive school climate that ensures a safe environment conducive to learning, and encourage “SOAR” behavior.

Monitor my student’s progress and let the teacher know right away if I notice any problems. Check the Home Access Center (HAC). Ask my student if he/she “SOAR”ed today.

Talk with teachers, the counselor, or school administrators about concerns or questions. Practice on how to become a “SOAR” student.

Involve parents in making decisions about school policies and academic priorities through School Improvement Team (SIT), and family involvement workshops.

Attend parent/teacher conferences, parent workshops, and as many SIT meetings as possible during the school year.

Show respect by following the expectations, and getting along with others.

Provide workshop opportunities for parents to enhance their skills in helping students with reading and math.

Make sure my student attends school regularly and on time.

Come to school prepared to learn each day.

Accelerate Student Learning

Use local and state assessment classroom data to group students for reading and math instruction in order to deliver a rigorous, relevant curriculum.

Have high expectations and encourage my student to do his/her best every day.

Put forth my best effort every day.

Set high standards for student learning.

Assign homework that is a relevant review of class work.

Check that all homework is completed.

Do all my homework each night.

Provide opportunities for additional instruction to meet the needs of diverse learners.

Limit TV or recreational computer time to no more than one hour a day, and spend time talking to my student(s) about school.

Talk with family members about what I learned in school.

Provide activities to help students make mathematical connections to real life situations.

Involve students in real world situations where math problem solving would apply (simple budget, trips, and recipes).

Be proactive and responsible for my learning, and ask questions when I don’t understand.

Provide opportunities for students to participate in activities to develop reading strategies: summarizing, questioning, predicting, and clarifying.

Read together with our student each day.

Read for fun during my free time at my level.

_____________________________            ___________________________       __________ Teacher/Administrator                                                     Parent/Guardian                                                Student