The Volunteer Program in St. Mary's County Public Schools utilizes the talents and services of people recruited from the community to help enhance and extend the instructional programs of the schools. A volunteer coordinator at each school organizes and manages a program that meets the school's need and enriches the educational setting. A volunteer is an individual who, at the request of the school system and acting under its control and direction, contributes services on a regular or an occasional basis without compensation.

Boys and Girls Club of Southern Maryland
Center for Children
Great Mills High School


Nutrition Nuggett from University of Maryland Extension

Partners for Families and Schools Winter/Spring 2019

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Reducing Anxiety and Defiant Behavior in the Classroom and at Home

MD Public Schools Can Now Say "Dyslexia": What that Means for Students



PEP Program (PAX)
Public Library
Relay for Life
Rotary Club
Solar Panels
St. Mary's College
St. Mary's County Health Department
St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office
St. Mary's River Project
SMCSO Adopt A School Program