HES is proud to continue “HERON MAIL” an initiative for parents, caregivers and guardians. How does it work? Basically when you notice your child working extra hard, showing increased effort, demonstrating positive behaviors and displaying value-able character traits, you can acknowledge it by sending them mail here at school. You can write a personal letter or complete the postcard and send it in to school. Our goal is for every child to receive mail at least once a month and ideally once a week. Our school administrators Dr. Gilman and Mrs. Dobson will deliver mail personally each week. We hope that you will make it “proud parent” goal to send your child mail 1-4 times per month. We look forward to seeing our students smile when they receive mail here at school!

If you have any questions; please contact Ms. Braithwaite, School Counselor at: eabraithwaite@smcps.org

Download a Postcard here