Mrs. Page--Nurse

Hollywood has a full time Registered Nurse who strengthens the educational process by monitoring and supporting the health of students.  “Miss Nurse Page” (her nickname from students) has 30+ years of experience as a nurse, including Obstetrics, Pediatrics, NICU and Camp Nursing. 

She is a member of the National Association of School Nurses and the Maryland Association of School Nurses.  At HES she is a member of the Pupil Services Team, School Improvement Team, Wellness Committee and Technology Committee. 

 Your School Nurse is a valuable resource for health education, screening for medical conditions and connecting with community resources. Please contact her during regular school hours or via email ( with any concerns or questions regarding your child.

You can follow Nurse Page on Twitter: @missnursepage.  



The School Nurse reviews immunization records, which must be in accordance with Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.
Required vaccinations for grades K-5 include:
·         4 DPT (diphtheria)
·         3 Polio
·         2 MMR (measles, mumps, rubella)
·         2 Varicella (Chickenpox) or proof of disease (physician documented)
·         3 Hepatitis B
Preschool/Prekindergarten also are required to have:
·         Hib – one dose after 12 months of age/first birthday
·         Pneumococcal Conjugate – one dose
Students with incomplete immunizations must have an appointment date for needed immunizations no later than 20 calendar days from the date of entrance.
Immunization Requirements
Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade, Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade

School Physicals

In order for your child to enter a Maryland public school for the first time, a physical examination by a physician or certified nurse practitioner must be completed either nine months prior to entering the public school or six months after entering the system.

Click here for a School Physical Form

Parents/Guardians are responsible for providing information to the school about their child's educationally relevant health history, including, but not limited to, such health concerns as chronic illness, allergy and physical disability. A form will be provided at the time of registration to be completed for the school nurse.

Medication Administration

Guidelines are in place for those students who require medication during school hours.

*Parents must obtain a written order from the attending physician using the appropriate form: 

Click here for a Medication Administration Form

*Students may not bring medication to school (this includes cough drops, nose sprays, creams)

*Over the Counter Medications may require a Doctor’s order