Contina Quick-McQueen, Principal


Gregory LaCount, Assistant Principal


Sara Renn, Secretary to the Principal


Susan Simmerman, Records Secretary



As a school community,

  • we believe building positive relationships with students, families, and staff is at the heart of LES.
  • we believe to increase academic achievement we must use a variety of instructional strategies and access to opportunities across the curriculum to support a well-rounded education.
  • we believe students and staff should enjoy learning and be life-long learners.
  • we believe student-centered teamwork will create motivation and successful learning environments for students.
  • we believe kindness, respect, and a smile go a long way.
  • we believe in positive and consistent communication among the entire school community.
  • we believe in embracing and celebrating individual differences.
  • we believe in promoting students’ social and emotional development to aid in academic success.
  • we believe all children can and will learn given the appropriate opportunities to meet their needs.