Leonardtown High School Profile 2018-2019

Leonardtown High: School Improvement Plan 2018-2019

SMCPS Program of Studies 2019-2020


Advanced Placement

Information about Advanced Placement courses offered at LHS. Summer assignments, AP information for ordering exams, and student/parent resources.

Business and Career Technology Education

Discover the Business and Technology classes offered at LHS. 

   LHS Virtual eLearning site


Information about English courses and instructors.

Fine Arts 

Discover the Fine Arts department at LHS.

Life Skills

Resources for students and parents.


Information about Math courses and instructors.

Physical Education / Health

Information about the Physical Education and Health courses as well as LHS sports.


Information about the Science department and science instructors.

Social Studies

Information on Social Studies courses and instructors.

World Languages

Explore our Chinese, German, French, Latin, and Spanish Courses.

Homework/make-up work for students should be requested from the guidance office for students who have missed 3 or more consecutive days of school (student must be marked lawfully absent from school). ** Prior to contacting the guidance office to request work, it is recommened that parents/guardians check the student's teachers' staff web page, HAC, and/or Moodle page. The guidance office will collect the work. Parent/guardians may pick up the missing work from the guidance office. To request work, please contact Ms. Abell in the guidance office at pmabell@smcps.org or (301) 475-0200 ext. 27120.