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Family ID is now open for fall sports registration.  Registration will close August 13.  Pre-registration is required for try-outs.  The first day of try-outs is August 14 and you must be present for all try-outs - no exceptions!

Swim Meet Changes

FROM: Mr. Michael A. Watson.
Director of Facility Coordination, Health and Physical Education, and Athletics
DATE: October 7, 2019
SUBJECT: Charging Admissions at Swim Meets 

St. Mary’s County Public Schools has not historically charged admissions for our home swim meets. Swimming is a non-revenue generating sport and has grown significantly over the last five years. Because swim meets do not generate revenue the cost to support the swimming program mainly comes from other revenue producing sports admissions. It is becoming increasingly difficult to financially support all of the athletic programs offered by the school system. 

St. Mary’s County Public Schools is the only system in The Southern Maryland Athletic Conference that does not charge admissions for swim meets. Our parents and patrons are paying to attend swim meets in Calvert County and Charles County. These counties are generating revenue from swim meets to support their swim teams, facility rentals, and athletic programs. 

St. Mary’s County Public Schools will be charging admission for our high school swim meets held at St. Mary’s College beginning this school year 2019 - 2020. The College of Southern Maryland does not offer a viable viewing area for parents and patrons so we will not be charging admissions for that venue. The funds generated will support facility rentals directly related to swimming, help purchase necessary equipment, and support the overall athletics program at each of our high schools. 

If you have any questions please contact your school’s Athletic Director. If you have any additional questions please contact Mike Watson, Director of Facility Coordination, Health and Physical Education, and Athletics at 301-475-4256 option 7.


Even though the Governor changed the start date of the school year, the start of the fall sports season will not be changed.  Fall sports will start on August 14, 2019, with tryouts and practices that will start immediately after tryouts. All athletes must be present for all tryouts and practices.

MPSSAA season information

Try-out dates for fall/winter/spring 2019-2027

Link with tryout information here.

Fall Sports 2019

Family ID registration for 2019 fall sports is open.  It will close at 2:00 p.m. on August 13, 2019.  Athletes must be registered on Family ID to participate in sports at LHS.

To participate in summer conditioning for a fall sport, athletes should be registered for their fall sport, have a current physical (Physicals are current for 1 calendar year) and at least a 2.0 GPA for the most current marking period.

Registering for Sports

Family ID

IMPORTANT:  All athletes must register online using Family ID, each season and year. Additional Family ID Instructions can be found here.

Athletic Forms

Additional athletic forms can be found on the SMCPS school system's athletics website.

2019-2020 Spring Sports Athlete/Parent Pre-Season Meeting:  

The 2020 spring sports athlete/parent meeting will be held on Feb 26, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. Room assignments will be posted on the front doors.

SMCPS Concussion Policy

Please visit the SMCPS Concussion Management for information on the SMCPS policy on concussions and return to play after a concussion.

When an athlete receives a concussion/head injury, they will be referred to a doctor for clearance.  If the athlete has a concussion they will not be permitted to participate until a doctor clears them AND they complete a required Return to Play Protocol.

Once cleared for Gradual Return to Play, the athlete will be progressed back to full activity following the stepwise process.

Stage 1:

Light aerobic activity

Stage 2:

Heavy aerobic and strength activity

Stage 3:

Functional, individual sport-specific drills without risk of contact

Stage 4:

Non-contact practice

Stage 5:

Full-contact practice and full participation in physical education

Stage 6:

Return to game

Core Course GPA

We are pleased to inform you that Leonardtown High School is making, a web-based software program, available to all Leonardtown High School student-athletes and their parents/guardians free of charge.
Free recruiting webinar sponsored by the MPSSAA.