One Hour Lunch Club List 2018 - 2019

A Adult Coloring Club
Ms. Brice
Art Honor Society
Mr. Tusing

Art Club
Ms. Naber-Thomas

B Band
Mr. Martin
Baseball Team Meeting 
Mr. Schoenbauer
Basketball Club (Members only) Ms. Conner BBQ Club
Mr. Breslin
 Bella Voce Ms. Oosterink  Best Buddies 
Ms. Henderson
C Chamber Orchestra
Mr. Oplinger
Chinese Club

Ms. Oosterink
 Concert Band
Mr. Martin
Car Club
Mr. Guffey
Coloring Book Club
Ms. Brice
Computer Club
Ms. Finn & Ms. Loffler
Class of 2019
Ms. Harding
Officers meet wks 1 & 3
Juniors meet wks 2 & 4
Class of 2020
Mr. Adams & 
Mrs. Kiernan
Class of 2021 Class of 2022
College Access Program
Ms. Ulrich
Computer Bowl
Ms. Loffler
Concert Band
Mr. Martin
 Creative Writing Club
Mr. Leischer & 
Ms. Palmer
D Disc Sport Club
Ms. Honis

Mr. Fulp

F Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Ms. Law

French Club-FLES 
Ms. Tsekouras

 FLOW mentoring: Ladies of Excellence

Film/TV Production
Mr. David
Football Team Film
Mr. Bressler

GIS (Global International Studies)
Ms. Harding

 GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance)
Ms. Conner 
H Habitat for Humanity
Ms. Law & Ms. Russell
Help a Heart Club
Ms. Walsh

Hunting/Fishing Club

Mr. Henderson

Mr. David
I Interact Club

International Thespian Society
Mr. Barbato
J Jazz Band
Mr. Martin
K Key Club 
Mr. Bloch
Kahoot Club
Mr. Mickley
Kan Jam Club
Mr. Correll
meets on Mondays during A lunch
L Leo Club
Ms. Law & 
Ms. Russell
Latin Club
Ms. Hayes
meets wks
1 & 3


Ms. Oosterink

Leadership Academy
Ms. Healy, Ms. Robbins,
Mr. Schoenbauer
M Marching Band
Mr. Martin

Mock Trial 
Ms. Harding

LHS Mock Trial Site

Model United Nations
Mr. Denny (LHS & SMCPS)
Meditation Club
Ms. Wincelowicz
Ms. John
Movie Club
Ms. Reynolds
N Newspaper (Imprint)
Mr. David & Ms. Hager

NHS (National Honor Society) and Committee Meeting
Ms. Fallon

O Orchestra 
Mr. Oplinger
P Puzzle Club
Ms. Osburn
 Peer Mediation 

Pit Band
Mr. Martin
Potomac Voices
Ms. Oosterink

R Robotics / Electronic Club

ROSE Players
Mr. Barbato
Rugby Club
Mr. Fulp
 Raider Buddies
Ms. Beyer & Ms. Henderson

S S2S (Student to Student)
Ms. Marino & Ms. Neitz
Sailing Club
Mr. Barbato
SCA (Student Council Association)
Mr. Byrnes
Ski Club
 Ms. Hager & Mr. Snyder
 Spanish Honor Society 
Ms. Hidalgo 
Strings Orchestra
Mr. Oplinger
Symphonic Band
Mr. Martin
Sign Language Club
Ms. Wiltshire
SAT Prep
Ms. Walsh

Skool of Rock
Mr. Breslin

Spirit Club
Ms. Kuntz
T Tabletop Games Club
Mr. Leischer
Mr. Barbato & Mr. Tusing
Thespian Society
Mr. Barbato
Ms. Oosterink
(TOP)Tutoring Our Peers/ ROSS
Ms.Fallon & Ms. Sanders
Trivia Club
Mr. Schoenbauer
W Wind Ensemble
Mr. Martin
Y Yearbook 
Ms. Page