LMS PTA Contact Information 2018-2019            

Title Name Email Address
President Jennifer Nix presidentlmspta@gmail.com
Vice President Katy Peters vicepresidentlmspta@gmail.com
Treasurer Carolee Battaglia carolee.battaglia@md.metrocast.net
Secretary Jennifer Salter jennsalter@gmail.com
Dance Chair Corinne Tipton corrine.tipton@hotmail.com
Volunteer Coordinator Jennifer Lunetta jenlunetta@gmail.com
Beautification Chair Deb Fields fields517@yahoo.com
Box Tops Chair Margie Cerenzia margiegc@gmail.com
Copy Center Debbie Wojtowicz debbieandjames11@gmail.com
Staff Appreciation Hadley Ramiah hadleyramiah@sbcglobal.net
Staff Appreciation Mindy Denney mindydenney@hotmail.com
Membership Jessica Heck jheck77@msn.com
Social Media Ashley Hicks ashleyhicks46@gmail.com
Spirit Night Coordinator Peg Odenthal pegodenthal@gmail.com



LMS PTA Accomplishments:

Since 2017 the LMS PTA has purchased the following for the students and staff of Leonardtown Middle School: 
  • We are currently working with LMS Administrators to purchase 4 benches for the front of the school
  • Purchased snack and drinks for 6th Grade Movie Night
  • Purchased a 12 month Brain Pop subscription for students to use at school as well as home
  • Provided funding to the Music Department to help pay for the royalties for the Spring Musical
  • Purchased 2018/19 Agenda Books
  • Purchased 2017/18 Agenda Books 
  • Purchased Movie License Fee each year
  • Purchased Scholastic Subscriptions each year
  • Purchased new umbrellas and ponchos for LMS Staff 
  • Sponsored and run dances for LMS Students
  • Sponsored Teacher Appreciation events each month including a catered Back to School Lunch each August
Prior to 2017, the PTA has done the following:
  • Purchased magazine subscriptions for teachers to use in classrooms
  • Purchased “Learn to Type” program license for LMS and all students to use at school and home
  • Purchased eBooks for the Media Center
  • Purchased agenda books for all students at the start of each school year
  • Paid for movie licensing fee
  • Sponsors 4 dances per school year to provide a safe, fun environment for LMS Students
  • Sponsors Teacher Appreciation events throughout the school year
  • Coordinates volunteers for events at the school throughout the year
  • Runs the copy center for the teachers
  • Coordinates the beautification committee that helps maintain the flower beds in the school courtyard by pulling weeds and replacing mulch
  • Sponsored several cultural arts program: Anti-Bullying Campaign, Prismatic Magic Laser Light Show, Spinny Johnson (of the Harlem Globetrotters)
  • Partnered with LMS to purchase new audio-visual equipment for the auditorium
  • Purchased new logo mats for the school entrance
  • Helped purchase new technology equipment for the classrooms
  • Purchased sports mats for the P.E. Department
  • Purchased playground/sports equipment for each grade level


How can I stay informed of volunteer opportunities?

  • Email from LMS PTA – By joining LMS PTA, your name and email will be added to our email distribution list. Emails are sent from our Gmail account: asklmspta@gmail.com. If you would like to be removed from this email distribution list, please reply or send an email to asklmspta@gmail.com. Please be aware that you will no longer receive any emails from LMS PTA. 
  • Facebook – if you have a Facebook account, be sure to like our Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/LeonardtownMiddleSchoolPta/ Sometimes we will post there instead of sending an email if it is a last minute request or we only need a few volunteers. 
  • Sign Up - We have a group page on: http://signup.com/go/3pfHX9. This page will be updated as volunteer needs arise. This will allow volunteers to see all upcoming opportunities in one location as well as check on their own time for updates. 

    Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on SignUp.com

Last year LMS PTA started using VolunteerSpot for volunteers to sign up to help at PTA sponsored events. This year VolunteerSpot changed their name to SignUp - SignUp is a website that simplifies the sign up process for both the organizer and the volunteer. It allows the organizer to create an event asking for volunteers to help out or make a donation as well as providing dates, times needed, etc. This allows the volunteer to see exactly what is needed and help as little or as much as they can. One of the greatest features is the ease to change things, if the volunteers plans change, then all they have to do is log on and make the change. Then the organizer is sent an update and the next person who logs on will see that spot is now available. SignUp does not share your email – you don’t even have to create an account to use it.

All volunteers must complete a background check through SMCPS (required by SMCPS not LMS PTA). It will take about 2 weeks to get approved. If you don’t hear anything, you can contact the front office at LMS to check the status. If you are not new to the SMCPS school system and had a child enrolled in school at any SMCPS school in the county last year and were an approved volunteer, then your approval will automatically be updated each year as long as your child(ren) are enrolled in school. 

Link to start volunteer background check: http://www.smcps.org/safety-and-security/volunteer-information.


Sign up to be a dance volunteer! Click here to sign up!


All LMS PTA dances will be held from 7:00-9:00 PM in the LMS Gym and Cafeteria.

The school also hosts 4 other dances throughout the year that are held directly after school and are fundraisers for a specific department within LMS. Those dances are not put on the PTA. If for any reason school is cancelled, then the dance will also be cancelled.

For each dance the PTA hires a DJ with lights, provides security, and sells drinks, pizza, candy and trinkets (glow items, hats, sunglasses, etc). Tickets to the dances (wristbands) are sold the day of the dance in homeroom for $5 or they can be purchased at the door the night of the dance (they do not get a wristband if they pay at the door). Since this is our primary fundraiser, the PTA asks for soda, Gatorade, bottled water and candy donations from parents the week before the dance and then purchases anything that is still needed the day of the dance. In the past the dances have been the PTA's primary fundraiser and we have provided many items for the school such as audio equipment and microphones used in the cafeteria for plays and assemblies, apps and eBooks for the Media Center, agendas for the students and much more.

At the dances, the students hang out more than dance in the gym and cafeteria, but are not allowed anywhere else in the school. They have fun socializing and acting like kids, but of course have to be supervised. The dances are a great way for the kids to have fun in a safe, supervised environment and for them to visit with friends they don't get to see every day. Therefore we MUST have at least 20-25 parent volunteers/chaperones at each dance. If we do not get the volunteers, then we will be forced to cancel the dance. As with any school-sponsored event, all volunteers have to register and be approved with St. Mary’s County Public Schools. Please see the front office for more information on how to register to volunteer with SMCPS.

Copy Center

The LMS PTA runs a copy center for the teachers and staff of LMS. Our Copy Center Coordinator schedules volunteers to make copies several times a week.

If you are interested in helping out in the copy center, please contactDebbie Wojtowicz at debbieandjames11@gmail.com


Box Tops

Be sure to clip those Box Tops!  Our first Box Top Collection contest is starting now and will end on November 16. The prize will be a breakfast party during homeroom. Please place all clipped Box Tops in a plastic baggie labeled with your child's name and homeroom teacher's name.  Have your child turn these in to their homeroom teacher. 

Our goal for this school year is to collect enough Box Tops to raise $2000.00.

NEW BOX TOPS BONUS APP! There's a new way to earn even more for our school!  Download the NEW BOX TOPS BONUS APP. It's free and as easy as 1-2-3. With the new App, you can earn double the Box Tops – all you have to do is download the Box Tops App, then scan your receipt (that has Box Tops on it) and they will automatically be submitted for LMS PTA. Then you can still turn in the actual Box Top therefore earning double rewards for LMS PTA!!!

Buy-Scan-Earn (see website for details) http://www.boxtops4education.com/bonusapp

To learn more, visit http://www.boxtops4education.com - you can track our school's progress, print coupons and enter contests to win even more Box Tops

Teacher Appreciation

The LMS PTA Teacher Appreciation Committee sponsors several events each year including a Back to School Lunch in August, a Holiday Tea in December, Teacher Appreciation Week each May, and other events decided on by the committee each year. 


Membership Form


$6 per individual membership
$5 for teachers and staff

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