Two panda bears eating bamboo


Kindness Club

heart text:  Kindness is the Finest heart



Our Goal


to spread kindness throughout our school & community


Our Mission

Logo Contest

Sidewalk Chalk Cheer

Book Notes

Origami Cranes

Kindness Rocks 

Mirror Messages


Student holding a red heart



Students in the Kindness Club painted Kindness Rocks to hide around the school to spread happieness and cheer.

Painted Kindness Rocks   Students are painting Kindness Rocks

Students used chalk to create Positive Message for their classmates as they entered the school.

IMG 1219  IMG 1220  IMG 1222

The Members of the Kindness Club with their Kindness Club T-Shirts

4 Kindness club members standing in front of the Lexington Park Courtyard Mural   4 Kindness club members standing in front of the courtyard mural