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Contact Information:  

Lisa Anderson This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Teacher
Stacey Fisher This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Teacher

 Welcome Letter: 

Dear Parents, Students, Family Members, and Guardians, 

Welcome to 4th Grade! We are pleased to welcome you to the 2018-2019 school year at Ridge Elementary School!  We are looking forward to having your child as a student.

We would like to take a few moments to introduce ourselves, outline our expectations, and let you know what you can expect from The Fourth Grade Team.

My name is Lisa Anderson.  In my free time I enjoy reading, biking, spending time on the water and of course being with my family.  My family consists of my husband, my three daughters, ages 14, 12 and 10, my two dogs and one cat. I am a life-long resident of St. Mary’s County and I love being a member of this community.

            I have previously taught second grade and kindergarten. This is my third year teaching fourth grade and I am so very excited about all of the things we will be learning this year!

My name is Stacey Fisher.  In my free time I enjoy biking, spending time by the water, and of course being with my friends and family.  My family consists of my husband, my daughter age 11, my son age 7, my dog, and cat. I have lived in St. Mary’s County for eleven years.  I moved to this area from upstate New York.

            I am beginning my eighteenth year of teaching.  I have taught Kindergarten, Second, Third, and Middle/High School Mathematics grades. This is my fourth year teaching Fourth grade and I am so very excited about all of the things we will be learning this year. There are so many things to learn and practice before going on to middle school!

Each child will have a homeroom teacher, the fourth grade team will be departmentalizing the subject areas this year. Mrs. Anderson will be teaching Language Arts and Social Studies while Mrs. Fisher will be teaching Math and Science.   Your child will spend a minimum of 90 minutes working in each of the content areas every day.

Below you will find a brief overview of each subject area to give you a better idea of the curriculum your child will be working with this year:

Mathematics:  In math, students will work to enhance their existing skill set and will apply their knowledge as they participate in more advanced mathematical investigations. These investigations will focus on topics such as multiplication, division, geometry, factors and multiples, fractions and decimals, estimation and reasoning.  Students will solve problems using a variety of strategies and will work to communicate mathematically each and every day. Students will continue to gain mastery of basic operational skills, which should be practiced at home throughout the school year.

Reading/Writing: Our reading and Language Arts program consists of whole group instruction, guided reading at students’ independent reading level, and word study/grammar lessons. Students will continue to work on reading comprehension while building fluency and will interact with both fiction and non-fiction texts regularly. Students will continue to develop writing skills as they express their ideas in a clear way, organize thoughts logically, carefully consider word choice, and fine-tune writing conventions. Students will conference with both peers and teacher regarding ways to improve their writing.

Science: The science curriculum will explore topics such as matter, magnetism, fossils, electricity, and the earth’s changing geography.  Our year will conclude with life science topics as your child will investigate structures and systems of living organisms.

Social Studies: In social Studies your child will be looking at the geography, history and government of Maryland. In addition, your child will explore our area’s Native American cultures, the settlement and colonization of Maryland, and Maryland’s economy.

Parents, family members, and guardians are the driving force in their student’s life. We encourage you to show your concern by asking your 4th grader about the school day and making sure homework is completed and returned to school. It is important that you check their Homework Folder and Class Dojo Behavior Calendar daily to receive information about assignments and behavior. Also, watch for school-wide communications in your child’s communication folder each day. Please refer to our classroom web site and quarterly newsletters for information about your child’s education. You can go to our school site www.smcps.org/res .

As a new school year approaches, we would like to share some helpful hints that will make the start of the school year go smoothly.

            Please make sure your child comes to school prepared every day to learn. This means that they

  • have received a good night’s rest,
  • have eaten a healthy breakfast (or will eat at school),
  • they have completed all of their homework the night before,
  • have all supplies for the day.

We recommend getting your student into the habit of setting out their belongings the evening before school. By starting off the year doing this, you can build a habit of it at home. Your morning will be calm and organized, and your student will be ready to learn!

We are looking forward to a wonderful year with your students! Thank you in advance for all of your support in the coming months!                                                                                   


The Fourth Grade Team

Mrs. Anderson & Mrs. Fisher

Grading Policy:

Each quarter 4th grade students will receive a minimum of four product grades and a minimum of nine process grades in math, reading and writing. Students will receive a minimum of two product grades, and four process grades in science and social studies. Process grades will account for 60% of a student’s overall grade, and product grades will account for 40% of the student’s overall grade. This grading scale is part of a progressing scale which started in 3rd grade as 70% process and 30% product will comprise the whole grade. The scale will continue into 5th grade with 40% process and 60% product to complete the whole grade.

When students are assigned work, the teacher will publish the assignment in HAC. We will grade this assignment within 10 school days of the assignment due date.

Grading System:

  • A (90-100%) Student demonstrates advanced command of the grade-level or course standards or objectives
  • B (80-89%) Student demonstrates a strong command of the grade-level or course standards or objectives
  • C (70-79%) Student demonstrates a moderate command of the grade-level or course standards or objectives
  • D (60-69%) Student demonstrates partial command of the grade-level or course standards or objectives
  • F (0-59%) Student demonstrates very little command of the grade-level or course standards or objectives

Home Acess Center (Hac):

Home Access Center is a browser-based student information system that allows you to view student registration, report card, attendance, discipline, transcript, success plan, course request, classwork, and scheduling information as it is entered in the school district's database. Guardians or students can use Home Access Center to view student information. There is a link to access HAC on our RES website as well as on the SMCPS website. You can also download the app in order to access this information on your phone.

We highly encourage you to check HAC frequently in order to see your student’s progress during the school year. If you do not have the login information for your child, please check with Mrs. Goddard in the main office to obtain that information.

Homework Policy:

We strongly believe in the power of play and the importance of letting children be children. Further, research does not indicate significant benefits of homework at the elementary level. We believe that when students give us all of their day, they deserve to have all of their night. Therefore, we have eliminated the majority of our standing homework assignments.

Our homework will consist of 3 to 4 assignments which will be organized into a packet. The homework packet will consist of math, reading, and spelling activities. The homework packet will be sent home on Friday and will be due the following Friday. Each activity should require only 20 minutes. Our goal is to keep your students reading and practicing math skills, but to also enjoy their much-deserved quality time with family. However, if a student exhibits off-task behaviors during the school day and fails to complete an assignment, the assignment will be sent home for completion. It is our hope with ample amount of time to complete the homework packet, your child will learn more time management skills in completing their responsibilities.

Eat dinner as a family and ask your child how their day was, enjoy your child’s extracurricular activities without worrying about homework.  Please know that your child is working hard at school each day to meet high expectations and needs to enjoy their family time as well!

Behavior Policy:

Our school is a community of learners. We strive to support all students and staff by teaching and promoting positive behavior school wide. We have three rules, which are enforced daily in all areas of the school. BE RESPECTFUL, BE RESPONSIBLE, and BE READY to LEARN!

For this school year, Ridge Elementary will be using the behavior management website Class Dojo. Class Dojo will allow student to work on important skills such as working hard and following directions. This behavior tool allows teachers to give immediate feedback to students regarding their school performance.   Class Dojo will also allow teachers and parents to communicate easily by sharing important messages along with pictures/stories from the day’s learning. We hope all parents/guardians will join Class Dojo and share in the joy of seeing their child’s success through behavior and academic skills.

Daily Schedules:

Mrs. Fisher

9:00AM-9:30AM Homeroom/ Breakfast
9:30AM-10:15AM Science/Social Studies
10:20AM-11:05AM  Specials
11:05AM-12:50PM Math
12:50PM-1:50PM Lunch & Recess
1:50PM-3:30PM Language Arts
3:30PM-3:45PM Dismissal

 Mrs. Fisher Specials

Monday  Media Music
Tuesday Music P.E.
Wendsday Art Media
Thursday P.E. Art
Friday Music P.E.

 Mrs. Fisher

9:00AM-9:30AM Homeroom/ Breakfast/Morning Meeting
9:30AM-10:15AM Science/Social Studies
10:20AM-11:05AM  Specials
11:05AM-12:50PM Language Arts
12:50PM-1:50PM Lunch & Recess
1:50PM-3:30PM Math
3:30PM-3:45PM Dismissal

 Mrs. Fisher Specials

Monday  Music Media
Tuesday P.E. Music
Wendsday Media Art
Thursday Art P.E.
Friday P.E. Music