This course prepares students for entry into a two or four-year college engineering program.  Students will learn the fundamental principles and applications of a wide variety of engineering fields.  They will also participate in team challenges by using the engineering design process to develop and construct prototypes based on required specifications and constraints.  These challenges will develop an understanding of concepts of design, construction and fabrication methods, project management, availability of resources, information processing and system analysis.   Students will also experience free-hand drafting and design, solid modeling and drafting using AutoCAD and SolidWorks, as well as understanding the world of 3D printing and scanning for prototyping and re-engineering methods.


There are no prequisites required for this program.

Planning Information

This class is a two year program.

The number of periods required in a student's schedule to complete this program is as follows:

Year 1 = 2 periods

Year 2 = 3 periods


Contact Information

For more information about Engineering, please contact Mr. Nathan Swick.