This three year program begins with a foundation course in Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, proceeds to Principles of Agricutural Science, Food Science and Safety and culminates with a capstone in Agricultural Business, Research and Development.  Student experiences will involve the study of communication, the science of agriculture, plants, animals, natural resources, and agricultural mechanics.  While surveying the career opportunities available in agriculture and natural resources, students will learn to solve problems, conduct research, analyze data, work in teams, and take responsibility for their work, actions and learning.  Direct connections to FFA acctivities and SAE (Superivised Agricultural Experiences) applications are woven throughout the program.


There are no prequisites required for this program.

Planning Information

This class is a three year program.

The number of periods required in a student's schedule to complete this program is as follows:

Year 1 = 2 periods

Year 2 = 2 periods

Year 3 = 3 periods

Contact Information

For more information about applying to this program, please contact Ms. Jessica Staelens.