Carpentry is a two-year program that offers students an introduction to basic carpentry skills. Students use a wide variety of fabrication tools and machines with a strong emphasis on safety. Students will be involved with both individual and group projects. Instruction will include experiences in blueprint reading, related mathematics, materials specifications, estimating techniques, site preparation, as well as specific framing methods. Developing employability skills and providing career exploration opportunities will also be part of this course, The carpentry program prepares students to follow a variety of career paths: inspector, estimator, home-remodeler, project planner, materials salesperson, maintenance carpenter, finish carpenter, rough contractor, general contractor. Students may earn NCCER (National Center for Construction Education and Research) certification as part of the course.

Students will apply their knowledge and skills by participating in the student-built house project.


No prerequisites are required for this program.

Planning Information

This class is a 2 year program.

The number of periods required in a student's schedule to complete this program is as follows:

Year 1 = 2 periods

Year 2 = 3 periods

Contact Information

For more information about this program, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.