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Contact the media specialist for user accounts/password information in order to access the following sites.


Media Specialist - Mrs. Baril


Capstone eBooks



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St. Mary's County Public Library

SIRS Discoverer

SIRS Knowledge

World Book Online


Media Center Policies

Students will visit the media center once a week for 45 minutes. During this visit, there will be a lesson focused on literature, technology or research. Students will also have 10-15 minutes to browse and borrow books.

Kindergarten students will check out one book at a time.  First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade students may check out two books at a time.  Books are checked out for one week and are due back the next media visit.

Damaged and lost books will need to be paid for so that we will be able to get a replacement. 

Media Schedule

The following classes have Media on Tuesdays of A week and Thursdays of B week

  • Mrs. Cord
  • Ms. Quinlan
  • Mrs. Allan
  • Ms. Caperones
  • Mr. Arnold
  • Mrs. Peterson


The following classes have Media on Thursdays of A week and Tuesdays of B week

  • Mrs. Wathen
  • Mrs. Eagan
  • Mrs. Esche
  • Mrs. Feustel
  • Mrs. Myers
  • Mrs. Haynes